Who is Leo Sanchez?

My name is Leonardo Jaime Alejandro Sanchez Miranda, I guess my parents wanted more than one kid. My objective in life is to try to make life better for everyone everywhere I go leaving things better than they were when I arrived. I'm orighinally from Mexico, I moved to the USA following the means to provide for my family. I've been building applications, websites, and systems for over 10 years, always with the idea of creating simple solutions for complex problems. More recently I've decided to start taking music seriously again, please feel free to check my music on Youtube or other music outlets, Thank you!

Sometimes an image says more than words

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda being Creative

I am a little crazy

I enjoy being creative, I like photography and design.

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda likes pets

I'm a dog person

I love animals in general, but I'm super happy with a dog by my side.

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda being silly with his son

I mentioned I am silly

One of the things that I enjoy the most is to have a good time with my family

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda and a Storm Trooper

I am a little geek

From Videogames to Dungeons Á Dragons.

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda likes music

I'm a musician by heart.

I spent my childhood among musicians. I sing, play guitar and piano.

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda and sports

I enjoy being active

I like playing Tennis, biking, hiking and swiming.

These are my skills.

As a developer
  • I've built apps for over 10 years.
  • Familiar with C#, JavaScript, PHP, HTML & CSS
  • Worked with SQL, MySQL, Redis & Flat file DB
  • Experience with Agile, TDD, BDD, Scrum & Xtreme Programing
  • Profficient with Visual Studio, LINQ Pad, SQL Manager & VS Code
  • Most recenty, SEO, Lighthouse, InteliJ & Android Studio
  • 3rd parties like Oracle, Adobe, Akamai, QBit & Endeca
  • Recently started with Android Development and Java
As a designer
  • I enjoy photography and drawing
  • Intemediate level of Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max, After Effects & Premiere
  • Basic understanding of Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla

Get In Touch

Thank you for trying to contact me. If you want to send me cookies, please to the the addres below, otherwise feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me or what I do. I wish you a great day!

Still around?

I guess you want to know more about me.

Leonardo Sanchez Miranda I see you're a little curious (or maybe my page didn't have enough content). If you wonder who I am on a deeper level, I suggest you follow my personal blog, which I'll try to update regularly.
In any case, you have earned a little more information. Like I said before, my full name is Leonardo Jaime Alejandro Sanchez Miranda (there was supposed to be a “Cobiza” between Sanchez and Miranda, can you imagine that?). I’m an only child, my parents are still living in Mexico and yes, I miss them.
I moved to the USA with my wife in 2013 after things started to get a little dark down in Mexico. My wife (or should I say Ex-Wife) is from Missouri, and she wanted to come back after traveling to Mexico to teach. We have a little boy who is strong as his mom and a crybaby like his dad.
When I was younger I used to perform, singing and playing the guitar, following my parent’s steps. I also developed an interest in computers and technology, and eventually, that interest turned into the means to provide for my family.
I like building applications, solving problems, tennis, video games, music, drawing, photography, and people. I love to have a good conversation. If I weren’t involved with computers, I think I would’ve picked psychology as my professional field.
I like animals, even when sometimes they don’t like me. I’m always open for a conversation, I like the exchange of ideas and I love to learn from others.
Thank you for visiting my page, and remember to contact me if you want to ask me anything.
Have a great day!